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Lets get your Linked Collection started

A one-of-a-kind custom welded jewelry experience

Our Promise


It is a dainty everyday custom piece of jewelry that is micro welded to your wrist, ankle or neck to give you a totally seamless piece of jewelry. It is a quick, fun, and totally painless process that creates a special bracelet without a clasp. We offer an assortment of 14k solid gold chains and charms.

Above and Beyond Quality


Linked x Liv is a custom welded permanent jewelry experience offering solid 14K white, yellow and rose gold Chains and a wide variety of 14k solid gold charms. To begin the process, you will work with your Linked Specialist and select your favorite Chain. we  will then chat with you to understand what fit best suits you and your lifestyle. Once you have found the perfect fit together, the welding begins. They will provide you with protective glasses so you can watch the tiny spark bond your new Chain together. You will leave with a beautiful, permanent piece of jewelry and the start of your Linked collection!

Cultivating Sparkling Relationships


Whether a sentimental gift for yourself, a ladies night, or wanting a bonded forever gift for your bridal party on your big day! Linked x Liv provides effortless, no-fuss jewelry for individuals who want to sweat, shine or defeat skin sensitivity every day. Our unique brand experience is currently available for a private party, pop-up and bridal parties.

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